Review of Denise Bolanos, LMT

Tyler L.        3/4/15

This is the longest overdue review ever written. I started seeing Denise at Legitimate Massage in July of 2013. Since then, my entire world has changed. I was a former Collegiate Offensive lineman at UNLV for only one yr; amazing the impact only nine months of serious repetitive abuse can have on your body. It left me with lots of residual back/hip pain, which no Dr or MRI could explain other than as minor degenerative arthritis. What had occurred was that through incorrect form while training I created serious muscular imbalances within my body. I stopped lifting weights due to the pain and started hiking, running, and rock climbing: hello more muscular imbalances and pain! And then, I was recommended to see Denise. With some hard work, deep breathing pain tolerance practice, and perseverance: We have been able to transform myself into the best shape of my life.  What makes Denise so special is that she can make all of her clients feel like they matter. She will research new techniques, study WHY you are experiencing muscle pain, and help find recovery methods specific to your body. Almost nine weeks ago I was involved in an accident that left me with a fractured collarbone, traumatic Pneumothorax, and four broken ribs on my left side. Within 10 days, Denise did a lymphatic massage, and almost immediately we started seeing reduced inflammation. Three weeks ago I was already able to be back to rock climbing and now, I’m almost fully back up to speed. There is no person I trust more with my recovery than Denise. If you have not gotten a massage from her before, do your body and well being a favor and get one. One thing is guaranteed; just don’t forget to breathe.

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