Pain Management, Self Care and Athletic Recovery Massages in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you're looking for some of my favorite videos I use every day, you can find them here!  If you have problems with your neck, shoulders, upper and mid-back, this is where you need to look!  The stretches, exercises and mobility work is all here.

Shoulder Stretches for desk bound workers and people with forward-rounded shoulders. This is my first video, please click like if you enjoyed it, let me know what your favorite stretch is in the comments. Follow me on Facebook at Check out my website Thanks! Denise NVMT.6185

Resistance band stretches to keep your shoulders healthy. This is a great routine for your rotator cuff. My shoulders are always a work in progress, and I know it's hard to get your exercises in, but give this one a try for 3 weeks, let me know how you feel.
An easy pec stretch to do on a quick break from the computer. All you need is a doorway, no equipment required. Simply place your forearms on each side of the doorway and take one lunge step through the doorway, creating a lovely pull on your pectorals.

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