Sports Performance & Recovery Massage

Designed with the athlete in mind, a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and focused, detailed work to keep you on top of your game. Multiple modalities and tools utilized, from gliding cupping to loosen fascia, hot stones to prep the tissue for deep work, and hot towels on tired feet, all customized into a full-body therapeutic massage with multiple focus areas.

Pain & Injury Massage

Truly technical massage with your desired focus areas for pain management or injury management. Injuries cannot be treated until 48-72 hours after they occur, and some require written permission from a doctor. Please inquire before booking if unsure. Open wounds or infections cannot be treated

Quiet Hour Massage

Full-Body Therapeutic Massage. Clear your thoughts and relax your body with an hour of "Me Time". Integration of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Techniques and various modalities to create a cohesive, relaxing, SILENT massage.