Pain Management, Self Care and Athletic Recovery Massages in Las Vegas, Nevada

Denise Bolanos
Licensed Massage Therapist NVMT.6185 Working in Las Vegas, Nevada



As a frequent massage client myself, I have a deep understanding of people's pain.  I approach massage with a scientific eye and extensive knowledge of human anatomy.  My goal for each of my clients is to empower them to maintain the activity levels and quality of life they have always known through routine integrative massage therapy. I approach both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client relieved of pain that alters the way they see the world and live their life.

Whether you’re a computer athlete or a weekend warrior; I can help you assess your current range of motion, pinpoint specific areas related to your problem, research the underlying musculature related to your pain, treat your tissues with a variety of techniques, and help you develop an ongoing maintenance program to keep you performing at your best.  Your wellness is my priority, so I'm continually updating my education and skill set to better enhance my client's experience.



I have been helping people with the gift of massage since I began school in Arizona in early 2012.  I first moved to Las Vegas in 1996, and spent my youth working at a desk with my family in small business management.  After becoming a parent, I had a health crisis in one of my children that sparked a revolution in my personal health and fitness.  I chose massage to provide an alternative to pain medication.  I have a thorough understanding of what it means to have a busy life and know how much an injury or chronic issue can slow down your daily activity or alter how you interact with the people around you.

I'm committed to always improving my customer service to my clients and listening to their needs.



Client Reviews

I purchased a 12 pack of massages from Denise and I have been using them weekly since June of 2018. Let me tell you I have been on pain meds for a whiplash injury I sustained in 2006. I went to pain management, tried different massages therapists and was doing my stretch exercises at home to help. I told Denise my pain; where it was, and how I acquired it since the accident. After the 6th visit my neck and back muscles no longer felt pain and she increased my range of turning my neck!! I had always accepted that I just had to live with this pain for the rest of my life taking pain medication....not anymore!!!! I also run Spartan endurance terrain races and I told her I was doing one in September so she tailored a specific before and after massage therapy session for me to minimize my injuries and muscle fatigue. I always suffer severe cramps in my calves after about 5 miles. I didn’t even feel the twinge of a cramp coming on till about mile 12 and the race was 13.1 miles, and even when I felt it coming on it never got to the point of crippling me to the ground like before. I attribute all that to the one thing I did differently this this race and that was have Denise prep my muscles and joints for the severe race they were about to endure. Thank you Denise !! You are legit!!!!
— Robert F.
I travel a lot, and I can get a two-hour relaxation massage, or I can get a two-hour massage to work on all of my focus areas, but there is nowhere else I can get a combination of relaxation and therapeutic work besides when I come to Legitimate Massage. Denise works very hard to listen to my concerns, memorize my issues and develop a fluency with my injuries that keeps me going after long days. If I know I’ll be in the area, I book with her right away.
— Tyler L.
Denise is very good and knows the physiology of the body very well. She was able to pinpoint the affected area and apply the perfect amount of massage pressure and movement! Thank you Denise!!
— Chip M.
Denise is simply the best. I get 2 hour sessions with her on just my upper body as soon as I get home to Vegas.
— Professional Drummer